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BDS Email Workstation®


Email WorkstationBDS Email Workstation® is a simple, cost effective Email Address Collection solution. It provides an attractive, easy to use station where you can show your message to your customers and explain the benefits to signing up with you. You simply export your collected addresses onto a portable thumb drive then import them into your Email List software. BDS Email Workstation can display your logo, your message and your image.


BDS Email Workstation can:

  Lower your direct marketing costs   You do not need to purchase a commercial mailing list. All of the names you collect are yours and have been qualified by your customers themselves.  
  Expand you mailing list   The addresses you collect can be added to your mailing list. Your mailing list will grow day by day, month by month.  
  Lower your workload   All information is transferred electronically to your mail list software. No need to key in data from a written list.  
  Increase accuracy   Hand-written information can be hard to read and cause mistakes. Copying data into a computer by hand can also cause mistakes. With BDS Email Workstation, the customer enters their email address twice, virtually eliminating typing errors.  
  Communicate your message   You can easily mention incentives to sign up (discounts, coupons) or tell them about your specials or featured areas.  

BDS Email Workstation provides the following features:

  • Full Kiosk ModeDownload
    • Boots into Email Workstation App
    • Full screen, no task bar
    • Windows Control keys disabled or renamed
    • Screen automatically refreshes (someone walks away, etc.)
  • Exporting Data
    • Export data to a Thumb drive
    • CSV (Universal Spreadsheet) format
    • Define Fields, Order
      • Last name
      • First name
      • Email address
      • User-defined fields
    • Combine first and last names
    • Optional headings row
    • Optional user data columns
  • Customizable Display
    • Background options
      • Any color
      • Image (yours or pre-loaded)
        • All major file types (jpg, gif, bmp, tif, etc.)
        • Fitting options (Stretch, Center, Tile, etc.)
    • Greeting Message
      • Message text
      • Size, color, typestyle
    • Data Labels and Fields
      • Size, color, typestyle
    • Thank you message
      • Message text
      • Size, color, typestyle
      • Display time before refresh
    • Offset fields (down and across)
      • Position fields to coexist on your background image
  • Security
    • Encrypted data on the hard disk
    • Password protected Administrative functions
    • System keys disabled, system options hidden
  • Software-only or Total solution

Full Kiosk Mode

BDS Email Workstation provides a excellent security and usability. Windows special keys are disabled or mapped to other keys. This discourages hackers from getting into your system. A short key sequence (enough to foil even determined intruders) allows you to access the Administrative mode to retrieve your email addresses.

Exporting Data

Collected data is exported to a portable storage device (Thumb drive, etc.). The exported data can be imported into your Mailing List software or web service. The following fields can be exported:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Email Address
  • User Defined fields

The Fields and their order are defined at setup, making the Export operation a simple, one-click procedure.

User-defined fields are supported, allowing the Administrator to export data that would be too cumbersome to ask the customer. For example, some Mailing List software apps require the Email Message Type (Text or HTML). Simply define a user-defined field and its value will be included in every exported email record.

Optionally the exported data can contain a Heading Record, a row placed into the first record of the export data that describes each column of the data. Some Mailing List software apps require a Heading record. The user can customize the name of each column in the Heading record.

The Last Name and First Name values can be combined into a single column if desired.

Customizable Display

BDS Email Workstation display is greatly customizable. You can easily project the look and feel that you want, giving your customers a positive experience when giving you their information. The display's background can be a color or a graphic image. You can select one of the shipped images or supply your own. All major image file types (jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff, etc.) are supported.

The following items can be customized:

  • Greeting message
  • Thank you message
  • Labels
  • Fields
  • Buttons

The size, shape, color and type style of the display's fields can be customized. The fields as a group can be positioned on the screen, adjusted to fit your background image if needed.

The greeting message is where you reach out to your customer. You may wish to describe discounts given to them if they sign up, or explain the benefits of being on your mailing list. You may also want to highlight an area of your offerings.

The Thank you message allows you to thank your customer for their input, or to give them further instructions (reply to a confirmation message, etc.).


BDS Email Workstation provides a simple, robust secure platform, while allowing easy access to authorized users.

  • The windows special keys are mapped to other keys or disabled. This prevents an intruder from bringing up the windows task bar and controlling your system.
  • The display is in full screen mode, not allowing any other task to be seen.
  • The system is configured with an auto logon user, and DS Email Workstation is automatically started.
  • All data written to disk is encrypted. Even if the workstation is stolen, the data is not readily available.

Software-only or Total solution

You can choose to purchase only the software and load it on PCs you supply, or order the complete, turn-key package from us.

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