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· Tree View (largest first)
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· Shows Largest Files
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Text Box: Overview
BDS Disk Space Detective® will show you disk space usage on your hard drives.  Any drive on your network can be displayed. Disk Space Detective®  displays a tree view of the selected drive or subdirectory, showing each subdirectory sorted by size, the largest on top. The largest files found are also displayed.
Product Features
· Tree View - Items are size-color-coded, largest shown first. You can drill down into each subdirectory, expanding the entire tree if desired.
· Pie Chart - A pie chart showing up to 10 subdirectories is displayed.
· Largest Files  - The user can quickly see the largest files contained within the scanned area and take appropriate action.
· Save/Reload Session You can save then reload your session at a later time. You can also examine the disk drives of other PC's on your workstation.

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