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Automatically Transfers And Retrieves Data Files and Library Objects.
New! Release 5.1 Supports TCP/IP

Systems Supported:
AS/400, S/3X, S/370 (MVS, XA, ESA)


FileXfer will transfer a file from one supported system to another. It will also retrieve a data file from the remote system and place it on the local system. File record lengths from 4 to 4088 characters are supported. If a file does not exist on the remote system, it will be created. If a file exists on the remote system, transmitted records replace the records in the existing file. The update becomes permanent only after transfer is completed. Generic member names or ALL/*ALL are supported.

Library objects can be transferred between similar platforms. Generic names and object types can be specified. OS/400 Previous Release feature is supported. Transmitted objects will replace those on the remote system. A procedure can be started automatically after the transfer completes.

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