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BatWatch for Windows®


  • BatWatch Function - Notifies you when an error occurs in one of your scripts.
  • File Check Function - Notifies you when an expected file is not found, too small, or not recently modified.
  • BatWatch Manager - A User interface to administer BatWatch
  • BatWatch Server Function - Processes Deadlines, Receives Deadline Items, and Relays failed Signal Attempts.
  • Signal Function - Tells the BatWatch Server a Deadline Item completed.
  • Deadline Function - Notifies you if not all expected events occur by a certain time.
  • Relay Function - Stores and forwards Signals if the remote BatWatch Server is unavailable.


BatWatch™ is a product that will notify you if problems occur on the systems you manage. It can notify you if a problem occurs in your scripts,  Bat files, or any procedure you build. It can also notify you if your task fails to execute. You can be notified by one of the following:

  • E-mail. BatWatch can e-mail one or more recipients.
  • Event Log. BatWatch can write messages into a local or remote machine's event log.


Compare BatWatch for Windows Editions

BatWatch Function - The BatWatch function can be inserted into your scripts to notify you when a problem occurs. The BatWatch function can send e-mails to users and write events into the specified event log. It can send the following information to you:

  • Function name (Script Name)
  • Step Name
  • Error level
  • Optional Message
  • Application's StdOut data
  • Application's StdErr data

BatWatch File Check Function - The BatWatch File Check function can be inserted into your scripts to notify you when a problem occurs. Some user functions fail with no detectable error code. The BatWatch File Check function can check files that you expect for the following:

  • File not found
  • File too small
  • File Modification Date

BatWatch Manager Function - A User interface to administer BatWatch.

BatWatch Server Function - The BatWatch Server performs the following BatWatch functions:

  • Signal Processing
  • Deadline Processing
  • Relay Processing

BatWatch Signal Processing Function - The BatWatch Signal function can be inserted into your scripts to notify a BatWatch Server when a step completes normally.

BatWatch Deadline Function - The BatWatch Server wakes up when a Deadline passes. It checks to see if it has received all of the Deadline's Items. If not, the BatWatch Server notifies you via e-mail.

BatWatch Relay Function - The BatWatch Server optionally receives Relay Requests from BatWatch Signal functions. The local BatWatch Server will make several more attempts to send the Signal to the target BatWatch Server

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